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Copyright© 1996–2011
Ulrica Hermelin.
Foto Thomas Bender

Welcome to Farkascsorda

With our homepage
(only a short version in English),
we want to tell you a little about the beautiful
and the special Hungarian shepherd dog Kuvasz
and from our own Kuvasz in words and pictures.

We – Ulrica & Thomas - live with our two Kuvasz in a small village - Björnsholm, where we run Bed & Breakfast. It is situated on the east coast north from Västervik.

We bought our first kuvasz "Blixa" 1992 and we have
had a lot of fun together with all our dogs through these years we have had together.

The result of our only litter became unfortunately bad with the hereditary diseases DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy) and PRA (Progressiv Retinal Atrofi) and no one has therefore gone further in breeding.
Through the years, we have learnt us a lot about the Kuvasz and also to live with dogs that have DCM and PRA.

We hope you enjoy our site and our kuvaszok.

Sincerely, Ulrica & Thomas


Zazza plays with Kibo.

with all
Swedish Champions from 1969.

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